Our Program

The aim of our preschool program is to assist each child to develop as a special and unique individual and to acquire skills, abilities and attitudes, which will be foundation blocks for the rest of their life.

Our program reflects the Early Years Learning Framework, and provides a balance of play-based and teacher initiated experiences, in both the indoor and outdoor environments, encouraging individual, small and large group participation.

Teachers and educators plan and implement developmentally appropriate experiences for children that promote learning and understanding in response to children’s individual needs strengths and interests; incorporate the educators’ professional knowledge and ideas; and are respectful of families and community beliefs and values.

We value family input, and endeavour to develop close partnerships with families, by encouraging the families to provide documentation of home events that are significant to their child such as photos of a holiday, a new pet, a visitor, etc. We also encourage families to become actively involved within our program by attending various special events; visiting the class to demonstrate a unique skill, talent or profession they may have, etc. This creates a great opportunity for connections between home and preschool to be established and consolidated within our educational program.

Reflective Practice
Reflection plays an integral role in our planning and programming. Throughout the day, teachers and educators observe what is happening within the environment, what has worked and what has not, and reflect on what may be changed. 

Reflecting upon the daily program and children’s play and learning, provides information into future planning for individual children and planned experiences, forming the bulk of the following week’s program.

Educators, children and families are all encouraged to provide feedback, and regularly review and add comments about how the program is evolving according to the needs of the children, the families and the preschool.

Individual Child Portfolios
Each child’s experience at Preschool is documented and displayed in their individual child portfolio. Within each portfolio, we aim to reflect the individuality and uniqueness of each child, and to demonstrate the child’s development, interests and strengths……their journey at our preschool. These form the basis of the child’s individual learning plan. This plan will also address any areas in which they may need extra support.

Some of the ways that teachers and educators will document is through:

  • Photographs;
  • Observations - reflections on play, checklists, jottings, etc;
  • Samples of children’s work;
  • Narratives of children’s conversations;
  • Individual learning plan;  
  • Assessments of learning and transition statements; and
  • Other information, which may be relevant to the individual child.