Deborah Littlewood

On behalf of Geraldine and myself I would like to say what a privilege it is to stand here tonight as representatives of the parents of the graduating students of Bradbury Preschool – 2013.

Tonight is one of celebration, thanks and of course emotion as we see our children take the next step in their education by graduating preschool and transitioning to Kindergarten.

Both Geraldine and myself have been a part of Bradbury Preschool for the last 6 years, each having 2 children progress through from Possums to Wombats. We have seen many changes occurring during that time, one being the inclusion of the koala room. Who could forget the ‘old’ preschool with its antiquated toilet block!!! Our boys were part of the move from the ‘old’ preschool to the amazing one we currently have with state of the art facilities and exciting new playground areas and equipment. The children have all loved the special dress up days at school, exciting visitors, interesting animals, fun taste testing days, water fun days as well as the annual Easter Egg hunts and end of year Christmas celebrations. We have loved hearing all the wonderful stories our children have come home with each week from their experiences at preschool, making new friends, playing in the sandpit, or the home corner, drawing, painting, singing … every day was a wonderful time of fun and exploration.

All of our children have experienced a variety of teachers throughout their years at the preschool and I can honestly say we have been very blessed with the professional, dedicated and extremely hardworking staff here at Bradbury Preschool. The doors have always been open and any queries or concerns and the usual worrying ‘mummy moments’ have always been met with friendly faces that were willing to take the time to put our minds at ease. Even when we have all had that experience of leaving an upset child at preschool, we have all felt reassured that they were receiving the best care and the teachers were treating them like one of their own. Throughout our 6 years here, our children have been lucky to have had teachers like Kylie Halls, Beth, Belle, Amanda, Vicki, Selina, Haylee, Rachel and Emily.

As they make their final transition to Kindergarten, our children have been so very fortunate to have such dedicated professionals to prepare them so they are ready and rearing to go into Kindy next year. They have ensured every child has been catered for academically, socially and emotionally and is fully prepared to enter the gates next year at their new school. The Possum and Wombat teachers we would like to thank are Trudy, Lauren, Jacqui, Anne, Lauren, Renata and Kylie Lowe. All of these amazing teachers have made sure our child’s day at preschool has been one of learning as well as fun. They all have ensured that every child has been treated as an individual and their needs have been catered for accordingly. Personally I have 2 children with totally separate needs and both have been accommodated so well at Bradbury Preschool. My daughter, Jessica was receiving extra work as she was ready and eager and required extending to meet her educational needs, whereas my son, Ethan has needed additional support. Every parent here tonight could say something about the wonderful teachers, but personally I must make mention of Kylie Lowe and the inspiring, exciting and creative lessons she has provided for my son. Every learning experience has been made to cater for his specific needs and with Ethan, Kylie definitely has learnt a lot about superheroes and has eaten a lot of cruskits! Without all of the Possum and Wombat teachers’ dedication and professionalism, our children would not have had such a wonderful start to their education. All of the teachers at Bradbury Preschool are inspirational and have ensured every child they teach reaches their full potential. This quote exemplifies my feelings towards all of the staff here. “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches the heart”. They have all certainly done that.

As we watch our little Possums and Wombats move onto the next step in their educational life, we can confidently say we are so glad they have been a part of Bradbury Preschool. They will miss preschool and their little friends and their teachers but we know how much they will learn and further develop at primary school. We will make sure they pop in to say hello from time to time and the teachers can see how much they’ve grown. Whilst it is an emotional time for us as parents, and for the teachers as well, it is also a cause for celebration. As they explore the next chapter in their lives they will always have fond memories of their time at Bradbury Preschool.

Deborah Littlewood

read at the 2013 Graduation Night

Islay Beggs

It’s hard to put into words all that I want to say. But for me, tonight is filled with mixed emotions as I watch my son, Harley, (and my last child to attend Bradbury Preschool) graduate tonight.

Our family became a part of this preschool community over 5 years ago when my daughter, Kiara, started her educational journey here at Bradbury Preschool. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long.

The Preschool has seen many changes in the five years that we’ve been involved, changes in teaching staff and management committees, new building with improved facilities and upgraded outdoor areas all to benefit our children, to name a few. But throughout all this the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, community spirit and the focus on growing our children has remained.

Tonight we celebrate our graduates and give thanks to the wonderful staff who have given our children a great start on their educational journey. We’ve been lucky, our children have been nurtured and taught by some of the most hard working, professional, wonderful, caring, loving and beautiful teachers that I have ever had the privilege to meet both past and present.

Kiara started in the possum room in 2009 when she was 3 and Harley joined the koala room when he was only 2 in 2011! Since that time both my children have flourished and grown, they learnt how to be independent, write their names, take responsibility for their belongings (well, most of the time!), to form their own relationships and to make positive choices (we’re still working on that, Harley!). These all seem like small things to us, but in actual fact these form the foundations for their everyday life.

Our time at the preschool has not only benefited my children it has also benefited myself (and my husband) as well. I served two years on the Management Committee as the Secretary and then last year as the President. I learnt many things, had a crash course in childcare policies and procedures, rewrote a constitution and sat on interview panels. But, it wasn’t just professionally that I grew, we have made some wonderful friends, both other parents and staff members, that we will have for life and for that I will always be grateful.

I would like to finish off tonight with a poem dedicated to all our wonderful teachers.

Although you’re not their mother,
you care for them each day.

You cuddle, sing and read to them,
and watch them as they play.

You see each new accomplishment,

you help them grow and learn.

You understand their language,
and you listen with concern.

They come to you for comfort,
and you kiss away their tears.

They proudly show their work to you,
you give the loudest cheers!

No, you’re not their mothers,
but your role is just as strong.

You nurture them and keep them safe,
though maybe not for long.

You know someday the time will come,
when you will have to part.

But you know each child you cared for,
is forever in your heart!

(Author Unknown.)

read at the 2014 Graduation Night

Diana Jarrah
The most amazing preschool!The educators deliver quality tailored programs and teaching and really prepare the kids for... big school. The educators are always friendly and always willing to give time to talk about the progress of your child. There is always something new and exciting happening and there is a large focus on engaging the community and family in the children'slearning. A really beautiful space inside and out. Have sent 2 kids through here and am really sad that this chapter is almost over.
December 2014

Anita Marshall

The hard work & dedication from all the educators at Bradbury goes above & beyond from each and every preschool day to every special event. The children thrive here. As a parent I never thought I would feel so safe and secure in leaving any of my children at any preschool the way I do about Bradbury. Its like a second family. A place where they are cared for & nurtured the way they are at home. The effort made throughout learning activities and the amazing environment around them is just fantastic!

May 2016

Matas Family

What do you like most about Bradbury Preschool - I have been thinking about what to write on this form...Hard to put into words...but Bradbury Preschool offers a trusted environment where children learn through play. Bradbury Preschool is a home away from home!!!

November 2016

Craig & Kimberley Harley

What do you like most about Bradbury Preschool - Where do we start?There are a number of reasons why we love Bradbury Preschool and every reason can b pretty much summed up by one very happy and confident little boy, who counts down the sleeps till he comes back to preschool. We love all the effortand variety put into each activity each day. We love the messy, outdoor, nature play. We love that you allow the children to take risks and learn for themselves. We love the care, love and respect you have for each of the children. We love your approachability and love that you all love the being there each day, and love helping our little people start their 'big school' journey equipped with all the knowledge, confidence, love and respect they need to grow into beautiful little beings!

November 2016

Tebb Family

To all the wonderfull educators at Bradbury Preschool,

I am so thankful for your time, love, efforts and unconditional non judgmental open arms. This is not only for my babies but for me too. 

Over the last 7 years I have worked on and off for Bradbury preschool during both my pregnancies, as well as both Ryder and Libby spending their own 3 years each with you. 

During this time we have all grown and learn so much from from everyone. 

I would not be where I am today without the guidance and encouragement given from Anne, Belle, Vicky, Kylie and the team. For this I am truly grateful. 

Ryder is doing brilliantly at school, he is never afraid to try and willing to challenge himself up against children two grades above. I truly believe this is due to the confidence you all engrained in him to succeed.   

Libby started a tiny little quiet girl often too sad to say goodbye in the mornings. With the bonds you have all worked so hard to create she has developed a confidence like no other. Libby is now out there selling Bradbury Preschool to all my FDC parents and putting me out of work. She is going to walking into big school with her head held high and ready for all that is kindergarten thanks to all of you! 

Your little personal touches, the way you have left an imprint on Ryder's and Libby's heart can never be taken away. 

The portfolios you created as a team have brought me to tears on many occasions  they are so personal and amazing. I understand the hours of your own time that goes into them and they will be forever treasured, loved and  shown off like trophies of our time at Bradbury Preschool. 

I wish everyone nothing but amazing things for the future and this is not good bye but THANK YOU xxxx   


Stacey, Nathan, Ryder and Libby

15 December 2016

Erica Parcio-Cooke

When Trudy asked me a few weeks ago to make a speech tonight at Imogens graduation I was so honoured. But then I found that I kept putting it off and Trudy asked me “have you written your speech yet” and I said no not yet. So I stopped to ask myself why. And I realised it was because deep down writing this speech meant the day had come when I had to finally say good bye to this beautiful school that has been such an important part of my life and my children’s life and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

6 years ago like many of you I started the exciting but scary task of looking for a preschool for my daughter Evangeline to attend. She is my first and she was 2 at the time and I was very anxious as a first time mum to find the best school for her. But what is the “best” school. For me it was a school that would look after my daughter like she was their own daughter. Where she would be safe, have a beautiful play area and classrooms to learn and play in, and a school that had caring teachers who would really care about her learning and emotional needs.

 So Like many of you I did my homework and looked around at another 4 schools (I know crazy right) but they just didn’t feel like the right fit for me and my family. And THEN my friend told me about Bradbury Preschool. So I came for a visit and I remember that while I talked to Kylie Evangeline played in the beautiful playground and I will never forget to this day as her beautiful curls flung around while she played - how happy and at home she looked. While I was watching her I remember Kylie saying to me “she is going to be fine and I knew then and there she would be.

From that day - 6 years ago-  I have had the priviledge of seeing my daughter Evangeline, now 8, my son Lachlan now 6 enjoy Imogen now 5 and in her final year at Bradbury, all enjoy their beautiful pre-schooling years at such an amazing school.

I think to myself “WOW” what amazing memories that they will have of their first years at school because im sure like myself there are many of you that did not have the opportunity to attend such a wonderful preschool and have such beautiful memories.

On behalf of myself and all the parents of this graduating year, I want to thank you the teachers so so so much from the bottom of our hearts for really caring and teaching our children with such devotion, dedication, patience, fun and laughter. I believe all of you have taught my 3 children at one stage over the 6 years starting with Anne and Simone in the Koala room and finishing with now Trudy, Jackie and Selena in the wombat room with Imogen. I truly have fond lifetime memories of all of you.

I also want to thank you all for putting up with me for always running late to pick up the kids, reminding me to hand in notes on time and basically putting up with me still not recovering from baby brain since having my 3 children.

Lastly I want to say a special thank you to the captain of the Bradbury preschool ship – our amazing director Kylie. I believe you can judge a community by the people leading it and Kylie would have to be one of the most amazing leaders I have met. You are always happy – how do you do that””coffee,  wine? Ha. You are always ready with a smile to greet you at the door and nothing is too much trouble for you. Your patience with the kids and especially the parents like me is amazing and you run the school so well it looks effortless.

As a business person myself I have learnt a lot from you. From day 1 you welcomed my family with open arms into your school and I am going to miss your smiling face, our quirky conversations and our laughs. You had me at hello and even though Im saying goodbye Im still tempted to have my 4th so I can come back ha ha.

So all I can say is Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Bradbury Preschool for the all wonderful memories and I am happy knowing other children have the opportunity to experience the amazing journey we have had.

Love the Cooke Family

read at the 2017 Graduation Night