Enrolment Process

Enrolment and orientation procedures form the foundation for strong relationships between families and our Preschool.

Enrolment Process
When families initially visit the Preschool, the Director or delegated authority will provide the visiting family with:

  1. a tour of the Preschool environment;
  2. an introduction to teachers and educators;
  3. information regarding:
  • our Preschool philosophy and policies and procedures;
  • approaches to documentation, curriculum and planning;
  • administrative matters, fees and payment methods;
  • the structure of attendance (i.e. consecutive days), and grouping of children;
  • the structure of management i.e. community based, not for profit, Management Committee.

If the family wishes to secure a position for their child, they will be:
  1. initially apply online here Waiting List, if applying for a future position, or a position is not currently available.
  2. provided with an Enrolment Package;
  3. required to provide the following, prior to the agreed start date for the child:
    • a completed Enrolment Application Form with additional attachments and authorisations;
    • an Application, Association Membership, and Enrolment Fee payment as outlined in the Fee Schedule;
    • a current Immunisation Record to copy and include on file;
    • a Birth Certificate, Passport or other identification to copy and include on file.
  4. requested to collaborate with the Director on an appropriate orientation to ensure the best possible start for their child. We encourage families to bring their child in for orientation sessions prior to commencing Preschool. This enables the child to become familiar with their new environment and educators.